A Hundert Years of Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb / UNAVAILABLE

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Dates : 03.04.2008 - 30.04.2008
Exhibition type : Thematic exhibition
Exhibition author : Krunoslav Kamenov, Ive Šimat Banov, Tajana Vrhovec Škalamera
Catalog design : Natalija Nikpalj Polondak
Number of pages : 219
Photographs bw : 18
Photographs in color : 125
Dimensions : 17 x 23,5 cm
ISBN : 978-953-7072-02-5

Catalog of the exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, with texts by Ivo Šimat Banov, Olga Maruševski, Tajana Vrhovec Skalamera, Ivanka Reberski, Marcel Bačić and Krunoslav Kamenov. Biographies edited by Tajana Vrhovec Škalamera, photographs by Damir Fabijanić.  

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