Past exhibitions

The Cycle: Art in front of the Art Pavilion – Tihomir Matijević: Ordnung
Lovro Artuković – Deceleration / Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik
Zagreb, the City of Female Artists / Works of Croatian female artists from the late 19th to the 21st Century
ALEXANDER CALDER – The Magic of a Sculptural Movement
BOJAN ŠUMONJA – Omnibus / collective exhibition of a single author
Let Them Eat Cake?
DUŠAN DŽAMONJA – Fifties / Sixties
THE KURJAK COLLECTION – from the Private Collections in a Public Institutions Series
Vlaho Bukovac and Alexandre Cabanel – A Historic Encounter of Pupil and Teacher
KSENIJA TURČIĆ : Kaleidoscope – from the series of environmental exhibitions of contemporary Croatian artsists for the Art Pavilion
JOSÉ CURA – Life Throught the Lens of the Famous Tenor
EMANUEL VIDOVIĆ (1870 – 1953)
The Art Journey : 120 Years – Artist – Works
The Passion of Creation – Masterpieces from the Collection of the Foundation Maeght
STAHOV : Sculptures
Hommage à Miljenko Stančić: monographic exhibition – marking the 90th anniversary of birth and 40th anniversary of death
The Roglić Collection
ALBERTO GIACOMETTI – sculpture, drawings, lithographs “Portraits of the Present”
NADA OREL – Retrospective (postponed)
Regards from Zagreb!
IVO DULČIĆ (1916 – 1975) : Ivo Dučić´s Mediterranean – the centenary of birth
Dalibor Martinis: Request_reply.DM/2077
Masterpieces of the Hanžeković Collection
The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection: Gems of Modern Art
ZOLTAN NOVAK : Illusion Control
Rodin in Meštrović´s Zagreb
The Vugrinec collection – Masterpeices of Croatian Modernism
BORIS DEMUR: Spiral Journey
JOAN MIRÓ – Masterpieces from The Maeght Foundation
The Unknown Zagreb of Marija Braut
IVAN MARUŠIĆ KLIF: Between_frequencies_2
IVO PERVAN: Zagreb through the Lens of Ivo Pervan
NASTA ROJC – La retrospective critique
KATA MIJATOVIĆ: Between the Sky and the Earth
The Art Heritage of the Pejačević Family
Oh, Our Beautiful Homeland!
The Art Pavilion – A Link with Europe / From Tradition to Contemporaneity
THE PRAGUE FOUR – Uzelac, Gecan, Varlaj, Trepše
STEVE McCURRY – South – Southeast, A Life In Pictures
ŽELJKO KIPKE “Police Back Yard”
OPTIMAL PROJECTION – Contemporary Photography from the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukrain
ZLATAN VRKLJAN: Summation to Infinity
DONALD BAECHLER – Paint Traveller
BELA CSIKOS SESIA – After (the) Psyche, Painting!
ANTE RAŠIĆ: Art is Beautiful
ANTE KAŠTELANČIĆ – monographic exhibition
Zero Point of Meaning – exhibition of Croatian Photographic Union
ZLATKO ŠULENTIĆ (1893 – 1971) – A Critical Retrospective
DUBRAVKA LOŠIĆ: Palindrome / Between Earth and Heaven
MARIJAN TREPŠE – Retrospective
DUJE JURIĆ: MEMO-CHIPS / Site specific painterly instalation
Neither From Nor Towards
Kristina Leko and David Smithson: Snoring in the USA – 14 channel video installation
ZAGREB – MUNICH : Croatian Painting and Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
LXX – National photography exhibition in ocassion of the 70th anniversary of the Croatian Photographic Union
Alternative landscapes of the 1950´s and 1960´s – From nature to vision
ANTO JERKOVIĆ – Retrospective
Looking at Others – photography and video-installations
MILIVOJ UZELAC, 1897 – 1977 – Retrospective
GILLES AILLAUD : From Picture to Stage
Petar Barišić: WHITE – site specific sculpture installation
Seeking for a Place of Oblivion – international exhibition of photography
TOMISLAV BUNTAK: Pilgrims – Vision of Mystic Journeys
From Impetus to Identity – The First Professors and Students of Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb – 100 Years of Academy of Fine Arts
MIRKO ZRINŠĆAK: The Forms of Space
100 Prime Works of Croatian Artists from the Collections of the National Museum in Belgrade
Kinetic Art: From Early Beginnings up to Date : Il Cinetismo dalle Origini ad Oggi
Do We Like Looking at Others? – exhibition of Croatian Photographic Union
The Spring Salon, 1916 – 1928
EDO KOVAČEVIĆ- Retrospective