Dalibor Martinis: Request_reply.DM/2077

Dalibor Martinis: Request_reply.DM/2077


Exhibition title: Dalibor Martinis: Request_reply.DM/2077
Duration: 18 Mar 2016 – 17 Apr 2016

Cycle of the site specific exhibition

Fans of media art as well as a wider audience unusually praise recent series of projects by  Dalibor Martinis unified under the name “Data Recovery”. The most famous and award-winning performance for the cameras, “Dalibor Martinis_2016 interviews Dalibor Martinis_2077” in which the artist raises a number of issues related to art, digital visualization of dreams and love to the version of himself in the distant future, the year 2077.

Official site: Dalibor Martinis
Press: Leila Topić, kustosica izložbe: Odgođeni odgovori

As part of the Series of site-specific exhibitions, specially designed for the Art Pavilion, we are presenting an exhibition entitled DALIBOR MARTINIS: Request_reply.DM/2077. This time Martinis  transforms the exhibition space of the Art Pavilion in a unique audio-visual environment in which 15 short films made in the last two years will be projected. It is a kind of continuation of dialogue between artist and himself in which Martinis is shaping responses in the form of short films that are not connected narrative, but instead created in response to the pre-designed Martinis questions, when the questions are sometimes rhetorical, sometimes they indicate the nature of our world, the artist”s awareness of the possibilities for change or social order. Movies questions were recorded in locations around the world: from Rio de Janeiro, Paris, the United States or Ukraine. They are sometimes funny, sometimes socially engaged, they react to universal human issues or are extremely personal but, thanks to the skill of Martinis to communicate with the audience, and an acute and recognizable visual aesthetics, they are always moving away from the viewer comfort zone and urge the spectator to think. With the project specifically designed for the Art Pavilion, Dalibor Martinis, through theoretical questioning and analysis of the film medium, discusses the very social practice production of meaning and the meaning and value of production and consumption in the context of the world of media reality. The exhibition at the Art Pavilion is an “introduction” in great Martinis retrospective to be held in autumn 2016 at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The whole project is a result of cooperation between the Art Pavilion and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Curator of the exhibition is Leila Topić.   More… Press Photo: Stanko Herceg 

Fotogalerija sa izložbe

Foto: Stanko Herceg

Performance : Martinis-1978 talks to Martinis-2010