IVAN MARUŠIĆ KLIF: Between_frequencies_2


Exhibition title: IVAN MARUŠIĆ KLIF: Between_frequencies_2
Duration: 17 Jun 2014 – 6 Jul 2014


Leader and curator of the exhibition project: Radovan Vuković, senior curator of the Art Pavilion.

The exhibition of Ivan Marušić Klif (born 1969) is one of a series of environmental site-specific projects, multimedia in nature, with which the Art Pavilion in Zagreb, with a media-innovative approach, presents new oeuvres and works from the contemporary art production of leading artists of the middle and younger generations.   Ivan Marušić Klif is a multimedia artist and one of the most interesting proponents of the domestic new-media art scene. On the whole he works in the area of interactive installations, robotics and interactive video. Because of his impulse towards improvisation and experimentation, at the centre of his interests is the actual process of creating a visual event in which he uses visual, luminous and sonic effects produced by primitive technology in the setting of a computer-controlled system consisting of video projectors, movable cameras and wobbulators

 In his work Klif has an innovative approach to the unit used for the manipulation of television rasters, the so called wobbulator. This is a tool that was developed in the 1960s and 1970s and used in their artworks by pioneers of the video art like Nam June Paik or Steina and Woody Vasulka; it consists of a prepared television whose picture can be manipulated with electromagnetic waves.

The exhibition project Between Frequencies 2 in the Art Pavilion is a continuation of the artist’s several-year-long research into the area of electronically generated images with the use of sound frequencies through a series of interactive installations / video performances (for which he won the Annual Vladimir Nazor Fine Art Prize in 2013). 

The project is multimedial and performance-related, in which the author with effective interventions and synchronised procedures via a system of video-projects, moveable cameras, speakers, wobbulators and oscilloscopes will put on his environmental video performance. It is a complex audio-visual installation in which, using the principle of a collage of vibrating electronic images, interferences, and movements he designs and visualises a unique luminous and sonic environment, a site specific project, concentrating on the very process of artistic improvisation and the creation of a visual event, on experimentation with the analogue image and the perception of reality, exploiting the elements of the architecture as well as the presence of the visitors.

The exhibition is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport.   Exhibition project manager and curator Radovan Vuković, senior curator, Art Pavilion in Zagreb   About the artist   Ivan Marušić Klif, a composer, sound engineer and producer, makes music, sounds and sound productions for theatrical and dance performances, for film and TV, as well as for the artistic projects of other artists. He has also been involved in the making of luminous objects and installations and, from time to time, set designs for the theatre, film and TV. He has exhibited and appeared in Croatia, Europe and Japan. He was a prize-winner of the Young Artists Salon in 2001 and was awarded the Annual Vladimir Nazor Fine Art Prize in 2013. 



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