Kinetic Art: From Early Beginnings up to Date : Il Cinetismo dalle Origini ad Oggi


Exhibition title: Kinetic Art : From Early Beginnings up to Date
Duration: 9 Oct 2007 – 11 Nov 2007

Kinetic Art : from early beginnings up to date


The exhibition has been organised by the Art Pavilion in cooperation with Instituto nazionale d¨arte contemporanea (I.N.A.C.) which is the project carrier.

“Kinetic Art” exhibition is a representative project of artists from Croatia, France and Italy, countries which are an important base of the historical development of kinetic art in Europe. Curators form individual countries Želimir Koščević (Croatia), Giovanna Barbero (France), Aleksandar and Giovanni Granzotto (Italiy) have put the emphasis onto the original carriers of the kinetic art phenomenon and their reflections on the artists of younger generation. Among 20 or so artists, works of Julio Le Parc, Hugo Demarco, Alberto Biasi, Franco Costalonga are represented…as well as works of eight Croatian artists – Richter, Srnec, Picelj, Šutej, Sokić, Rašić, Vodopija i Franke….