NADA OREL – Retrospective (postponed)


Exhibition title:  NADA OREL – Retrospective  (postponed)
Duration: 16/07/2016 – 28/08/2016

In the history of Croatian contemporary art the name of Nada Orel (1939) is inscribed – photographer, sculptor, multimedia artist … in a word, outstanding personality. 

Despite that Nada Orel never held a retrospective exhibition, due to an incredible life circumstances did not, in fact, often even exhibited. The last time she held a solo exhibition was 15 years ago in the Croatian Association of Artists in Zagreb and it “only” showed her famous photographic oeuvre – shadows of people and their stopped movements that she “hunted” for years. But besides photograph Nada Orel dealt with, and is dealing with today, primarily with multimedia: she studied sculpture /small plastic, directed films, made installation in different formats.

ince 2013 the Art Pavilion particularly encourages the presentation of the “forgotten”, under-researched, under-known works, or insufficiently presented and evaluated Croatian artists. The artist Nada Orel is a striking example of the latter. With this first retrospective exhibition, in the form of autobiographical spatial visual story, all parts of this important and under-represented work by Croatian multimedia artist will be presented.

 The form of an autobiographical story is an immanent part of work by Nada Orel who worked without following trends, but creating her own experiences and ways to convey them to the viewers who themselves were often participants in her work. A section will be shown through all the forms in which she created: photograms in large and small formats, experimental films, sculptures and multimedia installations.

During the exhibition there will also be a new interaction with the audience – happening  recording their shadows. Author of the exhibition is Sanja Bachrach Krištofić.


Nada Orel, photographer and multimedia artist, daughter of the famous photographs Alojz Orel, was born on August 9, 1939 in Zagreb. She finished elementary school in Pula, where she lived from 1947 to 1954 when she returned to Zagreb and completed the School of Applied Arts (1959). From 1963 to 1965 she studied at the High defectological school in Zagreb, while in parallel studying at the Zagreb Teacher Training College where she graduated in 1971 from the Department of Fine Arts. She enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1977, and proceeded with the study at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts where she graduated from the department of small plastic in 1980. Over the years, she was working as a photographer in the Croatian Conservation Institute, an associate of the master workshop of Ivan Sabolić. 

Her important photographic cycles are White nudes, 1958 – 1976, Portraits, 1959, Chords, The story of a girl, 1968, Shadow, 1968.- 2001, My dad in 24 hours, 1973, Ballet and contemporary dance, Duel of photos and graphics, 1973, Appeal for Trogir, 1976, Multivision, experimental image of the city (fotosculpture for the Home for Abandoned children in Zagreb), 1978 to 1982, Marcel Marceau in Paris, 1990, Multimedia-photographic-sculptural exhibitions: Time Machine, 1977, Sami (transparent sculptures), 1978, Pantomime – days to move in time (sculpture, photography, film), 1980, Moving in time – multimedia, 1981, Mulzivision experimental image, film projection, 1982, Urban redesign, 1982 – 1983, Rotation (postcards and sculptural cubes), 1982 – 1983, Little Prince in Zagreb, park sculpture workshop for children, 1990. 

Nada Orel is working today performing new multimedia works from the intimacy of her small apartment / studio / shelter / workspace.

Due to the illness of the artist, Mrs. Nada Orel, her retrospective exhibition at the Art Pavilion in Zagreb has been postponed for the year 2017.  


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