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Dates: May 7, 2002. – June 9, 2002.
Exhibition type: Problem exhibition
Exhibition author: Zvonko Maković
Design: Studio Rašić – Ante Rašić , Maja Kožul Stojanovski
Pages: 90
Photographies b/w: 0
Photographies in color: 58
Dimension: 24 x 30 cm
ISBN: 953-6890-05-4
Price: 60,00 kn

    Zagreb, City of Female Artists – the works of women artists from the end of the 19th to the 21st century

    Date: Feb 5, 2020 – Apr 12, 2020
    Exhibition type: Paintings, sculptures, spatial and video installation
    Original idea for the exhibition devised by: Jasminka Poklečki Stošić
    Expert conception of the exhibition, selection of the artists and works: Ljerka Dulibić, Ivana Mance, Radmila Iva Janković
    Design, layout and pre-press: Bachrach & Krištofić
    Pages: 230
    Photographs b/w: 0
    Photographs in color: 93
    Dimension: 23 x 28 cm
    ISBN: 978-953-6890-85-9
    Price: 140,00 kn